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Nascar Racing 2003: RedLine GTP Sauber C9 @ Watkins Glen Boot GTP - Onboard

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Gui Cramer
After tackling the Watkins Glen layout so often, I wanted to try the longer GTP layout - the boot. It was my first time driving around here, I got 32s consistently (with race fuel high 32s/low 33s) but again wanted to see with a lighter car in practice.

The laptime was a 1:31.504 after about a dozen laps, amidst a lot of "iciness" from that devilish uphill, off-camber, bumpy left-hander near the end of the lap. I don't feel comfortable attacking it, only maybe three times I feel I've really cruised through there but usually it happened when I wasn't going for a lap :p.

Everything is maxed out at 1920x1080 resolution recorded with nVidia ShadowPlay, the track is Watkins Glen GTP (part of the trackpack below). I have actually made a few specific carsets with appropriate team names, drivers, and liveries.

*All the files you'll need*

Redline GTP v1.1 mod ; Group C liveries and carsets (Le Mans, IMSA, OATAS) ; GTP track pack ; HD steering wheels with template ; Sound update ; GTP setups ; Pitcrew and car templates ; Nascar Racing 2003 with patch ; Alcohol 52% (to read disk image without having to use your actual disk):

  1. Peevee88
    A fifteen year old sim/mod looks and sounds better than most of the cr@p we have today!
    Gui Cramer likes this.
  2. picard
    Yes i also dl it and as Peevee88 say,s so much better than all we have today, feel,s like a real racecar.

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