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Nascar Racing 2003 RedLine GTP Momo Gebhardt Jaguar @ Rouen

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Gui Cramer
I adore the Sauber C9 but that Jaguar XJR-9... "There's something in the way she moves," it's so hypnotic! Paired with the IMSA GTP Gebhardt Momo livery it's to die for. I am still very new to the car but I had to take it to a track I adored in Grand Prix Legends - Rouen. This time around I am using a pre-made setup and my laptime dropped from 1:38.0 to 1:35.862 almost instantly :-o!

Everything is maxed out at 1920x1080 resolution recorded with nVidia ShadowPlay, the track is Rouen (GPL conversion and part of the trackpack below) and I am using the HQ sky, resolution, and exhaust update (all available in the link).

*All the files you'll need*

Redline GTP v1.1 mod ; Group C liveries and carsets (Le Mans, IMSA, OATAS) ; GTP track pack ; HD steering wheels with template ; Sound update ; GTP setups ; Pitcrew and car templates ; Nascar Racing 2003 with patch ; Alcohol 52% (to read disk image without having to use your actual disk):


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