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Talk N Drive with Paul Jeffrey and Aris from Kunos (LIVE)
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My Solitude - Assetto Corsa Hold on Tight - Golden Glory - Lotus Type 49

Cockpit view: https://youtu.be/ztyWRU047_I

Music sound track:
Cotarvoid - My Solitude [Rewind Remix Release] 3:35
➡ Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=bp9pES

HexaDecimal - Base 16 [Rewind Remix Release] 3:21
➡ Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=CD3PYy

Alan Walker - Alone (Dj ErD1 ft Egi Remix) [Rewind Remix Release]3:00
➡ Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=6S2dDg

Leij - ReFade [Rewind Remix Release]2:11
➡ Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=9oOnB1

Music provided by Rewind Remix https://goo.gl/08ZthI
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