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LFS - Fern Bay Green - FZ50 - AI Pro race

Jose Ortiz
FZ50: The flat 6 in the back of this car delivers a good 360 bhp that you can put down well due to the car having its weight in the back. Watch out in the corners though, its heavy back may overtake the front!
More on LFS site: https://www.lfs.net/cars/FZ5
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  2. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    OMG that's a blast from the past :)
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  3. Jose Ortiz
  4. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Shame it got left behind :(
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  5. Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz
    It has many fantastic features... But it failed to keep pace with the other sims. Perhaps a more open model would have helped?
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