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Lamborghini Miura at (fictional) Lakeside

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iRacing: NES Round 1 | 6 Hours of Sebring Part I - Traffic Management Copa Petrobras de Marcas | Short Race @ Goiania F1 2014 : Career (Legend AI) Melbourne Australia - 100% Full Race, no assists [Assetto Corsa] Lamborghini Miura @Nordschleife | 4K-UHD DTM-E 2014 @Hungaroring Audi-RS-5-DTM Project CARS | RAINY race Caterham | REAL HEAD CAM | onboard 60 fps Lamborghini Miura at (fictional) Lakeside Copa Petrobras de Marcas | Mitsubishi Lancer | Goiânia Copa Petrobras de Marcas | Toyota Corolla | Interlagos gt3monza F1 2014 Career - Part 7: Canada Project CARS | RETRO RIDE in BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 1978 | manual shifter TH8A | 60 fps Project CARS | shifter PORN | starring F**D Zaksp**d | 60 fps Assetto Corsa | McLaren MP4 12C GT3 | Barbagallo Raceway | Quality Mods
Michael Hornbuckle
So close to a clean lap!
Lamborghini Miura mod by The_Meco, Vampire, Pankykapus, and Kitrinoskat (version 0.8.3) available here:

Lakeside (version 0.9) by Ultranew_b available here:

Overcast weather mod by tommi karsikas available here:

Recorded using Shadowplay; 10:30 am game time; no assists
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