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iRacing - Ruf RT 12R Track : 1.27.139 Laguna Seca -Triple Monitors Eyefinity

Hi !
Today I upload a new video on iRacing !
It's the first time I make a video on this game because it's new in my library.
The video is currently my best lap with the Ruf RT 12R Track on Laguna Seca, the lap is done in 1.27.139 min.
I hope you have or you will enjoy(ed) this video !
Bye ;)

RUF RT 12R Track onboard Mazda Laguna Seca

Configuration :
i7 2600K @4.6Ghz
CFX de 280X MSI Gaming
16Gb RAM 1600Mhz

BenQ XL2420T Triple-Screen Eyefinity
Logitech G27

Logiciels :
Record : GoPro
Montage : Premiere Pro CC


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