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"iRacing: Like Ohio Football" (IndyCar Winter Series Round 19: Mid-Ohio SportsCar Course)

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Sorry Browns fans. Punting is all you can do! ;)

Week 19 of the Winter Series is at Mid-Ohio, a very free flowing track with lots of elevation changes and not much room to pass. I'm pretty quick here among the non-aliens - but the consistency could be better. I was mad at someone in this race, but post-race after I ended my recording he apologized so all is good now.

Disappointed not many people are racing now, so lots of one-split races this week (no races split). But still fun with the recognizable faces in the series. I couldn't be consistent in this race because of the cooler weather.

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  1. gamer19
    I'm glad that we have another NFL fan here. :)
    I don't feel so alone anymore.
    And don't bash Browns my friend, they have many (hidden) talents you know.... Gambling say... :roll:
    Can't say much about the race, don't have iR. But, amazingly :O I was playing with some setings in rF2 and GSCE and I use Indy car 2012 mod. And the Ohio track.
    So I guess we have many things in common. :D
    Long live Manziel!
  2. rancer890
    Don't worry, every Browns fan can go to the Super Bowl, if you know what I mean! Sorry, jokes about the Browns are too easy! You should enjoy the Jared Goff era I think in a few months. ;)

    And thanks for the kind words about the video! I learned Mid-Ohio in a week. It was really tough but watched some track guide videos and got tips from a couple competitors hehe. Hope this video can help you get quicker laps in rF2/GSCE at Mid-Ohio in an IndyCar. :)

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