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"iRacing: Funnest.Boringest.Race.Evar" (DW12 at Charlotte Motor Speedway)

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F1 2015 Career Mode: Part 13 - Singapore Ferrari 458 VS Nismo GTR Battle [ASSETTO CORSA] "Tracyyyy"(iRacing Mazda MX5@Summit Point Raceway) 【Assetto Corsa】 MGSP ジーノターボ&1000 富士スピードウェイ 5LAP 【Assetto Corsa】 MGSP ジーノSS 富士スピードウェイ 5LAP 【Assetto Corsa】 MGSP ジーノNA 富士スピードウェイ 5LAP "iRacing: Funnest.Boringest.Race.Evar" (DW12 at Charlotte Motor Speedway) MG Metro 6R4 @ Kreuzungsring (Germany) - Dirt Rally 60fps Seat Ibiza Kit Car Rallycross Action @ Lydden Hill Rallycross Action @ Höljes DiRT Rally - One Stage To Ruin It All iRacing UK&I Skip Barber Round 8 at Interlagos Racedepartment - RRRE WTCC 2014 @ Portimao
I believe this might be the Funnest Boringest Race Evar.

Funnest - First time ever I didn't die at Charlotte in an IndyCar [X]
Boringest - I just wanted to survive the 1st lap and not die here [X]
Race - It wasn't iPacing! [X]
Evar - It sounds cool. [.....X?]

We're still on the 1st page of the Division 3 Indy Oval Fixed Championship standings guys!

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