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#iRacing 2014S2W7 GT3 Challenge at Zolder BMW 30 minutes

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iRacing BSRTC Warmup race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road F1XL Season 5 - Race 7. Germany F1 2013 - Brands Hatch Wet Qualy 1:02.983 A sloppy lap around Nurburgring by Snoopy V0.9.4 ASSETTO CORSA  LAST 2 LAPS OF A GREAT RACE 0:080 BETWEEN US FULL HD 1080P #iRacing 2014S2W7 GT3 Challenge at Zolder BMW 30 minutes 2 #iRacing 2014S2W7 GT3 Challenge at Zolder BMW 30 minutes ASSETTO CORSA  LAST 2 LAPS OF A GREAT RACE FINNISHED 0:080 BETWEEN US Assetto Corsa Mclaren MP4 Offline race at Mugello iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 @ Zolder | Setup & Hotlap 1'26.402 F1 2013 - Brands Hatch TT Hotlap 58.058 F1 2013 - Nebula League Race Brands Hatch 25% Project CARS - Ford Capri Zakspeed (Beta) @ Brno Circuit rfactor 2 - RaceDepartment Club Event - Honda Civic at Nürburgring GP Mon 9th June 2014
Mark Hewitt
2014 Season 2 Week 7 - 30 minutes GT3 Challenge at Zolder.
Streamed live at http://www.twitch.tv/wheeldamage

Kevin and Michael were in this race.
For Kevin's YouTube channel see: http://www.youtube.com/user/TOCA2FREAK
For Michael's YouTube channel see: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGIt_AB2x32LF_s8GO81ONA

Shoutout to Matt Malone's son, Preston, in the GripTV hearse! :)

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