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IndyCar Series (2002 Season Replay) - Race #1 Grand Prix of Miami

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A blast from the past! This is the old Codemasters IndyCar game based on the 2002 IRL season. This was a game I found in my basement a couple months ago and I wanted to introduce this game to my channel because it's one of my favourites and the game that brought me into IndyCar. In 2002, the IRL was an all-oval series, racing at the likes of current venues like Phoenix, Texas, and Indy as well as the venues of yesteryear like Nazareth, Pikes Peak, Richmond, Kentucky, and unfortunately a lot of other tracks on the 2002 IRL calendar.

This series will be a deviation from my more serious iRacing content, where I discuss topics relating to IndyCar. In this race, I talk about how terrible I am in the game using an XBOX controller, and how IndyCar should have a video game to get more fans to the real life series.

I'll be racing as Dan Wheldon, who raced 2 times in the real 2002 season. He is my favourite driver and the first driver I raced as in the game when I first got it.

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