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I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win!.....No I'm not.

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Automobilisma // Mclaren MP4/4 // Suzuka BMW E90 WTCC @ Camp Grande - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista // Formula V10 // F1 saison 2002 // F2002 vs BAR Honda 004 // Spielberg Automobilista // Formula V10 // Mclaren MP4/9 // Interlagos [HD] Automobilista - Formula V10 at Montreal HOTLAP Automobilista V8 Supercars 2016 FORDS Mod I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win!.....No I'm not. Super V8 @ Velopark - Automobilista 60FPS Marcas on Curitiba - Highlights Automobilista // F1 at Bathurst // Formula retro + Formula V10 Automobilista - Toyota Celica GTO 1987 Mini Challenge @ Caruaru | 1:39.984 | Hotlap | Automobilista Automobilista | Formula 3 @Curitibia - Hotlaps RaceDepartment AMS Multiclass - V8 Stockcar first stint
Racedepartment race with a dramatic ending. I knew I would mostly likely not gonna make it. Went for the gamble as it's either 1st or it doesn't matter. Would have finished 2nd without the gamble. :)

• Steam: race_fanatic_
• Platform: PC
• Equipment: T300, TH8A, G27 pedals.
• Recorded with: OBS
• Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 12
• League: Racedepartment
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