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[iGPFun-SRF]-2016-S1. Race 05 at Silverstone International - Jan 17

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Not a bad day :)

The iGPFun-SRF league is running for its 10th season.
We race on sunday evening (european time) and follow the regular SRF calendar.
We have racers of all skill levels and everyone is welcome to join, provided that he can be clean and respectful on- and off-track.

Very good attendance so far, with exciting races and enthusiastic comments from drivers in every position.
Last season thread at

Further details and instructions on how to join the league at:

Important: the full season calendar is not yet available on the league site

Season Results here:

Season standings here:

Division 2 standings (cut off for Div 2 is 3300 iRating)

Please use this thread for comments. I will post race briefing/results and edit the first post each race.

Car: Spec Racer Ford, open setup
Track: Silverstone International, 27 laps
Format: 30 minutes free practice, 30 minutes qualify, approx 45 minutes race
Start time: practice starts at 2100 GMT. League members can see the start time in the correct time zone at:

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