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"Get this" Mod - Game Stockcar Extreme

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RaceRoom Racing Experience [HD++] ★ Corvette Z06.R GT3 @ Red Bull Ring RaceRoom Racing Experience [HD+] ★ Multiplayer ★ Silhouette Series @ R3E Raceway National 5966 5967 5968 Project CARS - Wet Effect Test2 Ultra Graphics Catalunya "Get this" Mod - Game Stockcar Extreme iRacing - Donington Star Mazda 5962 5961 Formula Abarth @ Newbury Formula Abarth @ Newbury Formula Abarth @ Newbury Forza XL - Mini Cooper Cup - Rounds 9 to 12
"Get this" British Sports Racers Mod

The mod includes the Radical SR3 and the BAC Mono
A great mod, real fun to drive

Download - http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/british-sports-racers.89318/
  1. Andrew James likes this.
  2. Nox
    Great accent! :-D

    (voice could be a bit louder though).

    Great video Paul!
  3. PaulH
    Haha, cheers Andrew, crappy mic....

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