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Game Stock Car Extreme :: F1 1988 Mod :: New Johannesburg track (Kyalami pre 1988)

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GSCE full game raffle :: please see below.

Game Stock Car has been updated again and they've included an old F1 track. Johannesburg Classic is the Kyalami circuit pre 1988. I decided to take out a McLaren from the F1 1988 mod and do a few laps and loved it.

If you want the mod then please use this great website..


Right. I have a single Steam Key for GCSE to give away. All you have to do is watch the video, subscribe and post a comment to put your name in the draw. Names from the comments section will be put in a hat next Saturday (July 11th 2015) and the key will be sent via steam to the winner. The winner will be posted in the comments section and its up to you to add me on Steam to receive your prize. My steam profile link is on my youtube homepage (Top Right Hand Side).

Good luck.
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