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Forza Horizon 2 | Subaru 22B + McLaren P1 event | Thrustmaster TX wheel INPUT LAG

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Subaru free ride to event with P1. From Castelletto to Nice.
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Subaru is not 22B any more, now its 1.6T (?)

Whole game looks great on Xbox One, except HUGE input lag with wheel, due to unlucky 30 fps (cost of map, not so big anyway).
Driving fast like more than 300 km/h shows some problem with LOD of AI objects. They just show up in front of car like ghosts.
06:55 LOD problem

Next time i'll double check brightness level, Horizon looks strong highlighted.
____________________________________________________Screens 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Record: Canon 5D Mark MkII, 24mm T&S f/3.5 L II
Input device [Thrustmaster TX]
Driving model [SIM no assists]
Damage model [visual]
Car setup [tuned]
Driveatar [High]


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