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Formula Truck 2013: Online Racing @ Cascavel

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Gui Cramer
This might be Reiza's best overall driving game with interesting and individual truck dynamics, and it was even publicized by Reiza during the winter sale, yet not even the developers have a server for the game. The existing userbase is split between Steam and non-Steam, with non-Steam having not received the 1.25 update Steam version did... which is embarrassing by Reiza.

ANYWAY! There was one private server running v1.25 (the only non-v1.1 server) and it's where I hopped on to drive. These are just 2 laps at Cascavel, with the second - onboard - being the fastest one with a 1:18... but clearly with much more to take off, as I don't have a setup nor experience driving these.
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  2. Bram
    We need the trucks asap in Automobilista as this vehicle is still THE car I like to take out for an online spin :)
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  3. Gui Cramer
    Gui Cramer
    I think it's Reiza's best game driving-wise, by far. It has different trucks with their differing dynamics, and the way the sounds work and the tires behave are so immersive.

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