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Find Your Way - Assetto Corsa MOD (4K) GT3 Quick Race @ Isle of Man

Cockpit: https://youtu.be/MUDQIXOLCdQ

McLaren 650S GT3 sound from Fonsecker Sound Mod Pack 1.6 Part 1: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fonsecker-sound-pack-part-1.7226/

Isle of Man track mod:

Music sound track:
MOS3S - Find Your Way [Rewind Remix Release] 3:47
Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=DGd8t1

Davi Hemann - The Distance Between Us [Rewind Remix Release] 2:37
Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=K77eVE

Kenvox - Sex And Love [Rewind Remix Release]
Download this track for FREE http://rewind-network.com/d/?u=ACAiov

Music provided by Rewind Remix: http://tinyurl.com/rewindremix
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