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Ferrari 488 GTB - Official video

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Ryan Ogurek
The new Ferrari 488 GTB has been officially unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show. Forty years on from the launch of the 308 GTB, the 488 GTB opens a whole new chapter in 8-cylinder history by delivering track-level performance even in everyday driving. Driving emotion, Passion, Thrill, Desire. #WORDSARENOTENOUGH

La nuova Ferrari 488 GTB è stata svelata ufficialmente al Salone Internazionale dell'Auto di Ginevra. A 40 anni dalla presentazione della 308 GTB, la Ferrari 488 GTB apre un nuovo capitolo nella storia degli 8 cilindri fornendo prestazioni da pista fruibili anche nella guida quotidiana. Emozione di guida, passione, emozione, desiderio. #WORDSARENOTENOUGH
  1. Robin
    I am not a fan of those type of flashy, noisy, epileptic seizure inducing video's.
    The car is beautiful so IMO you dont need such a screamy video to present it.
    Just personal preference though, the car itself is awesome! :)
    Dan Allen likes this.

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