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F3 Magny Cours - Automobilista

In This Album

f1 2016 red bull automobilista Automobilista X rFactor 2 : BMW Sauber F1.08 (F1 2008) @ Suzuka How to get 10 places overtaking no one (online) Metalmoro MR18 @ Magny-Cours - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista - Formula Vee - @ Mendig Flugplatz - Copa Montana @ Mendig Flugplatz - Automobilista 60FPS F3 Magny Cours - Automobilista Lotus Elise cup The Montanas are here, and they look amazing! Automobilista | Race with AI | Super V8 @ Virginia International Raceway Nice Gold Stripes. Automobilista // MODS [GSCE] F1 1992 1994 Automobilista Beta - Boxer Cup at Mendig Flugplatz
  1. Paulo Gomes likes this.
  2. Paulo Gomes
    Paulo Gomes
    Always nice to see a good lap ;) have you tried multiview on and off in the conf. tool ? because like you have right now the image in the side screens are "pushed", but maybe you prefer that way..
  3. Miguel Muñiz
    Miguel Muñiz
    I'll try with multiview into the game...
  4. Paulo Gomes
    Paulo Gomes
    Feel free to make another video with the f3 :)

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