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F1 Germany Raikonen 25% Race Fighting the Mercedes in their home (2016)

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Konstantinos Galanos
The German GP is one of my favorite tracks. Many high speed corners, technical bends where you really need to know up to which point you should brake and when you should accelerate, magnificent circuit.

This time I decided not to alter the strategy, just though I should pit as soon as possible in order to gain the 1 quick lap advantage that would hopefully bring me closer to the Mercedes. And this paid off so much that thinking about it perhaps I should be pitting even one more lap earlier.

Anyway you can watch the video to see what happened after all. Let me know what you think of it, any requests you might have, I'll try to make them happen ;-) And get prepped for the real thing today!

Codemasters F1 2015
HW Specifications
Core i7 4770k
Nvidia GTX 970
Original Resolution: 2560x1440
Graphics: MAX
Windows 10
Quick Race
Expert AI
Dynamic Weather (Super Soft to Soft Tyres)

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