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F1 2016 | Setup + Hotlap (Q+R Mode) | Abu Dhabi | 1.39,217 (on Supersofts)[PC]

Finally a new setup, but this time it isn't a Time Trial based one! Due to my leaguerace preperation i felt that the ultrasoft tyre isn't a good race tyre in Abu Dhabi. They only lasts for 4-5 laps and wasn't faster than the Supersoft in the first stint. So i went for a Supersoft run and was able to make a 2 Stop Strategy work (SS/S/SS) which couldn't be done without loosing a big chunk of time with the Ultrasofts.
The lap itself was quite okay, but i lost a tenths in the second and 1-2 tenths in the third sector, but i don't care :D

Give it a try and let me know what you think

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