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F1 2016 | Manor Career #1 - A strong start?

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Tom Michelmore
Welcome to the first episode. Don't know how many of these I'll actually end up doing, its just a little thing I wanted to try out to see how it looked. I'm running no assists on ultimate AI difficulty, with strict corner cutting, no flashbacks and that stuff.

Qualifying went well, Q2 was intermediate conditions so everyone got a choice of tyres at the start. My Q3 lap was good although I cocked up the final corner a little but fortuantely it was enough to still jump Alonso on the grid.

Race went significantly better than I'd hoped, climbing to P3 by the end of the first sector. The first stint I had some great pace as I was able to keep the cars around me honest and not just bend over for them. The safety car came out midway through which I thought was bad at first because I'd built up a sizeable gap to the cars behind however it turned out to be incredibly good for me allowing me to jump up to 3rd once the cars ahead pitted off their super softs. I accidentally ended up with a 3 second penalty however the cars behind kept battling slowing themselves down and allowing me to pull away. By the time Ricciardo had got through them all it was too late to catch me up.

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