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F1 2016 Chinese GP Jolyon Palmer Season

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Darren Bentley
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Welcome to the start of my F1 2016 Championship season mode on the PC of course, for this series I will be driving as F1’s newest British driver on the grid, Jolyon Palmer for what is possibly the best looking car on the grid, the Renault F1 team, how will the young brit get on in the new Renault car, it’s time to find out as round 3 begins from Shanghai, it’s time for the Chinese grand prix, after an amazing Malaysian GP with the most unlikely of results, it’s time to move onto Shanghai for the Chinese GP, another track I am not too fond of however it is one of my stronger tracks compared to Malaysia so things are possibly looking good for the Renault team and for Jolyon Palmer, could Palmer possibly take the lead of the drivers championship, lets find out what happens as the lights go out for the Chinese GP.

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