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F1 2016 Career Mode Sauber - Round 11 Hungary Fighting Finish

My brand new F1 2016 career mode driving for Sauber, can we take the forever midfield team to glory!

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  1. dcully
    Watched it all and quite enjoyed that.
    Sitting on the fence about this game but i do enjoy the whole f1 weekend experience.
    I'm into the likes of assetto corsa and automobilista physics but this does look to have a nice balance to it in terms of physics/difficulty.
  2. minmanjay
    Thanks glad you enjoyed it, im never going to say its going to get anywhere near those games in terms of realism, but its an enjoyable balance which i think codemasters have always done well.

    I often find doing long races in games like assetto corsa can sometimes be more stressful than fun and its nice to have a bit more of a relaxed race.

    But yes in terms of the experience of going through a formula one season with the sights and sounds its definitely codemasters best effort yet.
    dcully likes this.

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