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F1 2016 Assetto Corsa Mod, Carlos Sainz jr

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T5 BMW T5 BMW T5 BMW Assetto Corsa | URD INDYCAR Mod @ Surfers Paradise Assetto Corsa | Next Stop Autódromo Internacional do Algarve | GSG Championship Assetto Corsa - Williams FW14 @ Monaco 88' 1:22:080 F1 2016 Assetto Corsa Mod, Carlos Sainz jr Black Cat County tunnel Assetto Corsa | Drift Of The Week #2 Veloce GTS-8 @Drift Veloce GTS-8 @Drift Veloce GTS-8 @Drift Veloce GTS-8 @Drift Veloce GTS-8 @Drift
Hi all I am demps151, and we return to assetto corsa with one of the best f1 mods going maybe even better than the codemasters game itself!

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Team Mates
Cpl Hamster

Hope you enjoy
  1. Helmut Skrdla
    Helmut Skrdla
    Agree that this is maybe the best mod for AC there is currently (by way of being a complete series and not just a single car). Spent an hour yesterday separating the teams performance for offline use and now it's beautiful to race against (accurate qualifying times down to half a second...).

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