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F1 2015 Career Mode: Part 7 - Canada

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Welcome to my F1 2015 Career Mode/Championship Season as the unpredictable Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado. I'll be trying to bring Pastor some glory after a very shaky few years in F1!


Twitter: www.twitter.com/jayfergaming

Xbox One - F1 2015 Gameplay - Championship Season
  1. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    I think there is still something funny about how AI handles the pitstops, I remember this being huge problem of earlier games, where - especially when not running full race - some car appeard to not pit at all, or a least their pace suggested that they haven't lost any time

    so frustrating to be driving 3rd or so from the start, and after pitstop being 14th, and bare getting to 6-7 place in the end

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