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F1 2015 | 100% Race |Fusion League | Monza Italy - ANOTHER ROLLING START!!

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F1 2015 Monza Italy from the Fusion League Friday night championships. yet again F1 2015 online isues forces us to have another rolling start. See highlight bookmarks below

04:20 - Omega spins on Kurb at Ras Cas
05:00 - Weird Illegal overtake bug glitch means i let SmurfN through but kindly allows me to pass him
11:45 - Held in the pits after pitting directly after my teammate
12:50 - Missed a breaking point and ended up with a corner cut
16:40 - Pit for Inters and LordRexxy gets stuck in the pit lane and later retires
20:20 - Pitted in for full wets
25:20 - Coops announces he pits for inters too early and smashed into the wall as a result
34:10 - Omega & Ramdrop discuss the pass under blue flags ,result is Omega gets penalty

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