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F1 2013 - Season 1 - Montréal - Canada

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F1 2013 Career Season 1 with Lotus - 100% race - No assists - All sims on - Expert AI (well, a little over Expert) - No Flashbacks
Played with Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch wheel & TrackIR 5 Pro...
and a lot of excellent mods from RaceDepartment.com...
especially the True to Life AI mod by snthenumbers

So, let's go race in Montréal!

Apart from the 1st sector and brushing the Wall of Champions, I don't find this track particularly exciting. And the opposition seems particularly tough this season here, in addition! But during Practice I found I could make my tyres last for quite long on track, so a 2-stop strat might push me up a few positions. It worked for me in previous years, at least.

Quali 1 went OK, just getting 14th with a 1:15.4, on Primes at least. But once the session finished I was in for a nasty surprise, which I'll show in the video! Then Quali 2 was tough, very tough... and I was relieved to make 10th with what I thought one of my best possible laps, with 1:14.7.

Then comes Quali 3, with a promise of heavy rain... I can't hope for the best position in those conditions, let alone what happened to me in Quali 1. So, my only hopes are that during the race my 2-stop strat will work, and that it won't rain...
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