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Driver Coaching! Indycar @ Laguna Seca

*Subtitles coming SMSoon (hopefully tomorrow).

I decided to blatantly rip the idea a viewer suggested. I got footage from other drivers and I´m going to be looking for improvements wherever I can.

Someone called Jim decided to make my life hard and sent me footage of some damn good driving, so I´ll have to nitpick small details for this chapter. If people enjoy this I´ll try to find time for some more!


Balance problems to solve:

- Rear end not stable in the end of braking zones.
- Understeer out of fast corners.

Suggested setup changes:

- Playing around with brake balance, trying more front bias.
- Pick one or two of these: A click or two more front wing / slightly higher accel lock for the diff / slightly stiffer rear springs if traction doesn´t get worse.
- Shorter gearing.
Driving tips:

- Check if after setup changes you can slow down the car without being on the throttle to keep the rear planted.
- More focus on exit speed for the last turn, don´t try so hard into the braking zone.

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