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DiRT Rally w/ Controller - VW Polo - Greece - Mods - Setup Sunday

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Setup Sunday is when we take a car on a track and try to set it up perfectly. I am using a PS4 Controller. The VW Polo is a good car, but not a memorable one in my opinion.

Position: 280
Time: 02:44.526
Track: Fourketa Kourva / Greece
Car: Volkswagen Polo Rally
Assist OFF
Manual Transmission
Clutch Override On

The Polo does not set itself apart from other cars in the era. You can't say you remember something specific about it, like you would about the Lancia Stratos or the Audi Quattro. It's a well balanced car, and you can feel that on any track.

I am using a couple of mods:
Weather Improvements, Real sponsors Car skins and SweetFX.

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Setup Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678936466

Setup Screenshots (for console players) http://imgur.com/a/74qLB

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