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Dirt Rally Tribute

In This Album

Dirt Rally - Monster FIA World Rally Cross Gamplay - Lydden Hill 1st Semi Final Dirt Rally // Ford Sierra Cosworth // Propulsion Dirt Rally // Découverte boite en H °2 // Dur dur !! Dirt Rally // Polo WRC // UK - Dyffryn Affon Dirt Rally // Découverte Boite en H // Je cale dans les bosses !!! Dirt Rally // Traction vs Propulsion // Finlande Dirt Rally Tribute Race Department Dirt Rally Club - 300 BHP On the Cold Stuff SS3 Race Department Dirt Rally Club - Corsa Italiana - Lancia Stratos SS3 DiRT Rally - Subaru Impreza 2000s @ Jämsä, Finland 7:02 Dirt Rally - Citroen C4 @ Jämsä, Finland 6:50 DiRT - Hyundai i20 WRX @ Greece DiRT Rally: Gravity Chase! (Peugeot 206 T16 @ Wales) DiRT Rally: Dusty Hillclimb! (Lancia Stratos @ Greece)
My tribute for the best rally game, DIRT RALLY :)
Made it with my gameplay clips and I put many hours in to doing this.

Hope you enjoy:)
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