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DiRT Rally - Top 200 World Record - Ford Focus RS - Mods - Setup Sunday

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Setup Sunday is when we take a car on a track and try to set it up perfectly. I am using a PS4 Controller. I've spent so much time on this track...seriously at least a week since the last Setup with the Subaru. The track has so many surprises it's hard to keep track of them. From the first turn you will know how the run will go, and from the jump I almost screwed up.

Position: 163
Time: 02:46.160
Track: Pant Mawr / Wales
Car: Ford Focus Rs Rally 2001
Assist OFF
Manual Transmission
Clutch Override On

The Focus is a pretty balanced car. It took a bit to set it up for the track conditions in Wales but eventually I think the setup strikes the perfect balance for it.

I am using a couple of mods:
Weather Improvements, Real sponsors Car skins and SweetFX.

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Setup Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=649595841

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