• "Mwoah" - Kimi Räikkönen
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Dirt Rally | RDRC ROUND 1 Monte Carlo - Day 1

It's finally arrived. The RaceDepartment Rally Championship starts at Monte Carlo, with two stages in day 1. Competition is fierce in the 1970s class, lets see if i turn up.
  1. papaghost, Nobkins and EpilepticToast like this.
  2. papaghost
    great start man You have to relax kkk :)
  3. PresidentSmug
    Haha. Thanks. Nervous Nelly should be my nickname lol
  4. papaghost
    Watch out for the heart because it is weak kkkk
  5. PresidentSmug
    If I had a penny for every time I heard that I'd be a rich man
  6. papaghost
    im just kidding good luck
  7. PresidentSmug
    Thanks. Yeah me too. What class are you in?
  8. papaghost
    r4 To run with a friend but I'm a lover of RWD and group B cars It's more challenging

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