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DiRT Rally - Opel Manta 400 Germany: Flugzeugring Gameplay [1080p] [Wheelcam] [Handbremse]

DiRT Rally - Opel Manta 400 [HD] [Wheelcam] [Handbremse] [Handbrake][POV] [Th8rs] [GoPro Alternative] [Drift] [Actioncam] [Ego Perspektive] [drivers eye] Mein Traum Auto

Wheel: T500rs Thurstmaster
Shifter: Th8rs Thurstmaster
Actioncam: Rollei Actioncam 400 ( Günstige Gopro Alternative)
Playseat Challange
Grafikkarte: MSI GTX 960 GAMING 4G
Cpu: i5 3570k
Ram: 8Gb

Dirt rally Liga : https://www.pcars-forum.de/thema/5343...

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