• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Dirt Rally - Arcade or Sim? (TURN UP VOLUME)

Oscar Hardwick
So there have been various arguments and discussions about this topic since the surprise release of Dirt Rally from Codemasters. I felt it worth my while to talk about aspects of the arguments and various misconceptions over the labeling of anything as arcade or sim.

A few notes :

- I am not great at this talkie video lark... I said the wrong word once or twice. The most impressive example was when I aimed for amplified and got extenuate. Not even drunk or high (yet)

- Apologies for the poor sound quality (Turn up the volume) as nothing I currently have access to seems to want to record sound nicely. It is just what it is :(

Other than that. Enjoy, hate, swear and shout. Lets discuss opinions, why we all have them, and why all of us are just wrong.

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