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Chasing (S)immersion. This is why I love this Sh*t!

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Ville-Samuli Mutanen
Long story short.

Lately I've been slightly disappointed what we can expect from Assetto Corsa which for me offers the best driving immersion. Unfortunately its not just the driving that matters! Some things like switching on ignition, starting your engine, manual pitlane speed limiter, possibility to stall the engine, day&night transitions, rain, brake temperature modelling&fading (coming but possibly not for street cars - WHY THE ****, sorry - because Stefano thinks that's its not wise move), etc.. are crucial small things immersion wise.

I've almost zero interest for the racing itself but the thing I want from this hobby is the immersion of sitting in a car and doing things I can't do in real life, because of the couple of missing millions... :)

- End of rant

Ps. Sorry for the too long "Final thoughts" title. Not doing the +4 hours of conversion work again just to correct that one. You should never do anything at nights... :p

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