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BTCC Mod by T7R

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Assetto Corsa: 2009 Williams FW31 DRS - Nico Rosberg @ Barcelona (Moto) ACRL GT3 EU PRO S5 Round04 Monza Assetto Corsa - Pagani Zonda R at Black Cat County Full Assetto Corsa * Mercedes CLR LM back at LeMans Assetto Corsa Mercedes CLR LM vs Monza Assetto Corsa - Nordschleife 1.5 update- Triple Screen - Ultra Settings BTCC Mod by T7R Assetto Corsa: 1.5 Update Review (Part II) - Episode 90 drift gt86 Race F1 *Muggello* Assetto Corsa- MB C63 Black Series PREVIEW-WIP New !!! Ferrari F300 !!! Calibra test one Assetto Corsa:  The AI are getting better.
Just a quick preview of the up and coming BTCC mod from T7R.

Song is Shutdown - Cut the cord
  1. gilles13
    I'm sorry to say this but even i can spot that this is ported from RF2...

    Still very cool
  2. Fordman
    Hi Gilles13, don't be sorry mate, it's a well know fact. It was ripped from the SFRL mod without permission and was being sold. I paid for it, but then I spoke to SFRL and Andy and got their permission to enhance it in AC before I took it any further. I am pleased to say though, that we have made changes/improved the models, and the physics has been completely re-done
  3. gilles13
    Very nice! Looking forward to it
    Fordman likes this.

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