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Brands Hatch Hotlap - Assetto Corsa

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Game Stock Car Extreme Beta :: Patch 1.48 :: Mitsubishi Lancer Cup :: Velo Citta Circuit. Assetto Corsa * Jordan 191 * Jacarepagua88 Dirt Rally - Focus WRC 01 in Finland Z4 GT3 Brands Hatch; F1 1976; Lotus 72D (1:25.514) and Setup Project CARS Wheel Setup - Thustmaster TX Brands Hatch Hotlap - Assetto Corsa DIRT Rally UHD 4K / Triple 32" screens with Go Pro black 4K / 10K Gaming Rig! DiRT Rally Gameplay: Finland! V0.8 Review - Episode 22 30 FPS vs 60 FPS - Formula Classic @ Montreal (Replay) - Stock Car Extreme Assetto Corsa - Ford Sierra RS500 1987 @ Silverstone International - Onboard + shifter cam Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Dirt Rally - Focus WRC 01 in Monte Carlo iRacing BSRTC Round 72 from Suzuka
Matheus Machado
My lap done in a practice session focused on the RaceDepartment Club race in this weekend. Some minor mistakes, but a good lap overall. Two tenths off the WR for GT3 cars (lost in the last sector).

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