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Boxer Cup @Circuit of the Americas. Automobilista. AccuForce. Triple Screens.

In This Album

Automobilista | Formel V10 @Spa-Francorchamps Automobilista | Mercedes AMG GT3 @Road America | European Endurence Center GT3 Mod Automobilista - Mini Challenge - @ Cadwell Park - Brazil's meeting Montreal Automobilista : Corvette C7.R @ Melbourne Automobilista - Dodge Viper SRT GT3 at Watkins Glen (PT-BR) Boxer Cup @Circuit of the Americas. Automobilista. AccuForce. Triple Screens. five cameras in one video :P Corvette C7.R @Daytona. Automobilista. AccuForce. Triple Screens. Corvette C7.R @ Laguna Seca - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista - Stock Car V8 at Londrina (PT-BR) AMS vs AC Brands Hatch Automobilista Vintage V12 @ Magny-Cours (Full Race) Automobilista - Ford Focus - Campo Grande
Circuit of the Americas courses AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD on the youtube video description.
  1. fredmucelini likes this.
  2. kamackeris
    wow this track looks fantastic!! is the ai decent on it also??
  3. GTSpeedster
    I'm glad you like it. About the AI I'm afraid it's not very good really and it would be great if someone could make a proper AIW for it.
  4. kamackeris
    yeh that's what i found....the track is spectacular although slightly choppy with 30 ai using eec mod but using 20 boxers was smooth as silk. if only i knew how to...would love it if the guy who does patrick's aiw could jump on board as i love this circuit and your other's are gorgeous too !!

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