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BMW Z4 v Lotus Elise @ Zandvoort | Online Race 2 | ALOOG1 | Assetto Corsa [Oculus Rift DK2 + T300RS]

Dave McMillan
Race starts at 0:33

Second of 2 races I had tonight at Zandvoort with the Lotus Elise SC and BMW Z4 S1 on ALOOG (http://aloog.net/) public server 1 running the MinoRating (http://www.minorating.com/) system.

The server was a bit emptier for my second race tonight, but we still had a great race. Took the Elise this time for a change but it turned out so had everyone else.

Car: Lotus Elise SC
Track: Zanvoort
Car Setup: Default

Assetto Corsa 1.3.4
Oculus Runtime 0.6.1

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