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Beat Jim Clark (with suicidal setup)

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EAGT Endurance Series Assetto Corsa // Formula Renault 3.5 // Circuit Paul Ricard 330 Spa The Doctor At Brands Beat Jim Clark (with suicidal setup) Oculus Rift Online Gameplay Mazda MX5 ASSETTO CORSA-AUDI S4 B8 PREVIEW Assetto Corsa Hotlap Ferrari 458 GT2 GP SPA 2:17:501 (download setup) Assetto Corsa // Nissan GTR GT3 vs Ferrari 458 GT2  // Spa-Francorchamps Williams FW23 F1 2001 Zandvoort Assetto Corsa   Lotus Exige 240R at Nordscheife   755 CRASH COMPILATION | #2
1:28.397 the success is ulocked when you do a 1:28.50
  1. Dan Allen likes this.
  2. Dan Allen
    Dan Allen
    I've been going for this achievement for ages and just can't do it. Well done!
    Nave likes this.
  3. Nave
    I can send you the setup if you want

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