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Baseline Setup (AC): Lotus Exos 125

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BMW 2002 / Nordschleife / Trackday / Multiplayer / Server Assettocorsapics F1 2009 mod | Assetto Corsa TF109 | German GP Assetto Corsa - Unforgiving track! Corolla WRC vs Peyregrosse Assetto Corsa - GT3 Race - Nurburgring GP - Graphics mod 2k Assetto Corsa 1.8.1-Scirocco- gc10-v6/Race replay Magione Assetto Corsa - Autumn Nords Mod Teaser Trailer Baseline Setup (AC): Lotus Exos 125 ★ Assetto Corsa - Ferrari VS Audi Assetto Corsa - SIM TRAXX Liptakov 1 - Ford Fiesta WRC Assetto Corsa Japanese DLC  Initial D AE86 Tofu Delivery ( AE86 vs. Mt. Akina / Mt. Haruna ) Assetto Corsa Ayrton Senna McLaren MP4/6 1991 Real Onboard Cam at Imola Assetto Corsa - Formula Renault 3.5 - Singapore Night AGU M6 GT3 @  Nordschleife  - 6:38 RSR WR Assetto Corsa (Onboard) AGU M6 GT3 @  Nordschleife  - 6:38 RSR WR Assetto Corsa (TV)
*Subtitles will come ASAP.

One of the best reasons I can think of to become absurdly rich! A Formula 1 car wannabe that you can buy, and drive too. It was wise from them to include TC in the package, gentleman drivers might not want their toy in the wall.

Get a solid starting point to start preparing your track specific setup in this video. Say goodbye to the horrendous understeer of the default tune!

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