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Automobilista VS. rFactor 2 @ Oulton Park Fosters - Formula Trainer/Formula Ford

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  1. nounoubleu
    What is your feeling, conclusion?
  2. Radu Oros
    Radu Oros
    One takes a bigger range of movement to the steering wheel and the other doesn't. Which is more realistic?
  3. Dave Fox
    Dave Fox
    sense of speed is much more evident on the RF2 vid..... why is that ?
  4. hitm4k3r
    Because of the different FOV settings in both videos ;)
  5. Heikki21
    Hey guys :) Yes the FOV or camera angle produced a bit of a difference in the feeling of speed. In mynew Video, which compares Cadwell Park in AMS and rF2, I managed to do much better.
    It's hard to find a real conclusion. What is clear is, that both sims feel just great. The Formula Ford mod in rF2 is really really good, I didn't expected that tbh. But AMS has the best package atm and all cars feel so alive and real. FFB is, for my personal taste with a Fanatac CSW V2, one step ahead of rF2.
  6. nounoubleu
    Thank you for your videos and feedback. Always interesting.
    Good opportunity to ask specialist advising:)
    Could you please share your settings in AMS?
    I also own CSW V2.
    WIth Marcas it's good but with GT3 EEC for example, I don't feel comfortable. So, I guess I can improve it.

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