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Automobilista V8 Supercars 2016 FORDS Mod

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Hi all I am demps151, and is Automobilista a new game that is great, today i ma having fun with some v8 supercars from down under AND NOW HAVE SOME FORDS TO PLAY WITH
skins links

vtcc site

vtcc facebook


Team Mates
Cpl Hamster twitch
Sponge Twitch

Hope you enjoy
  1. gilles13
    Nice video man. I subbed :)

    Could you please try out my Classic Mini RX for AMS?
  2. DEMPS151
    yea i can i guess it on the downloads here
  3. DEMPS151
    u might have to give me a had installing cuz its not working at all getting mas errors loadings
  4. gilles13
    I think you've installed it incorrectly.
    put the first folder you see in the vehicles folder in the root of the gamme vehicles folder

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