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Automobilista // #Remake History# // BTCC at Nordscheilfe // +30 cars

Pour cet épisode le BTCC 1998 délocalise en Allemagne pour une course de 35 minutes au Nurburgring dans le cockpit d'Alain Menu et de sa Renault Laguna ! Course marqué par deux grosses fautes qui ont faillit couter la victoire au pilote suisse mais qui réussira à récupérer la victoire dans la dernière ligne droite de la course, in extremis !!
  1. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    Hi looks fine have you made some update to the mod does it run better in AMs or gsc.
  2. Suchipao
    I don't anything udpate the mod ans it run as good as on gsc but with the tracks you have to modifiy some files
  3. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    Hi what kind of files for the tracks i have to modify.
  4. Suchipao
  5. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    cant enter the site always error (Website not instaled) how i fix it tanks
  6. Suchipao
    "Primero, coger el archivo commonmaps.MAS de la instalación del GSCE (esta en GameData/Locations) y hacer una copia (donde queráis). Renombrarlo así commonmapsGSC.MAS y copiarlo a la carpeta de GameData/Locations de AMS.
  7. Suchipao
    Luego es algo bien fácil. Abrimos el archivo .scn de la pista (si tiene varios layouts, tendrá 1 archivo .scn por layout) y cambiamos estas 3 lineas (ojo, las que no tienen "//" delante)...


    Por estas:

  8. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    ok tanks will try the mod today on ams

    would love to update the physics if you know someone who can update tell me tanks
  9. Suchipao
  10. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao
    hi made some updates

    Correct GameData installation folder
    Update SteerLock
    FuelEstimate to 1.00 now all cars finish races

    After turning LOW TC and LOW ABS off. All aids off the cars got a little more alive.

    Now need to check tires ,reelfeel .

    And i dont know how to make a rfm would be nice to hve it
    also must change the cars classe to remove the reiza 5 as we dont need it now .

    if you want tell me will send you .
  11. Suchipao
    I dont know what is rfm :DD
  12. carlos quintao
    carlos quintao

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