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Automobilista | Online Race - Marcas @Interlagos

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This is my first uploaded online race in a while as well as my first uploaded online race of Automobilista. I decided to not qualify and try to fight myself up the field. I got some good racing but sadly a few ppl racing unfairly as well. Enjoy! :)

• Steam: race_fanatic_
• Platform: PC
• Equipment: T300, TH8A, G27 pedals
• Recorded with: OBS
• Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 12
  1. gilles13
    nice racing man.. i've added you on steam..

    BTW i've seen that Dzasper guy around to in some lobbies in AMS and he is an utter noob...

    He was 2nd place in the last corner i was first he intentionally pushed me off track and "stole" The victory..... URGH some people... just don't know how to drive i guess....
    race_fanatic_ likes this.
  2. race_fanatic_
    Yeah, I had some incidents with others but this guy was just unbelievable. First hitting me and then turns in on me. Atleast I had time to do sth against him, sad for you in your situation.

    Overall I don't understand the joy in overtaking/winning the way he does.
    gilles13 likes this.

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