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Automobilista My kart is on fire

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Automobilista - Mitsubishi Lancer Cup - Algarve International Circuit Automobilista - Ford GT at Barcelona Automobilista / European Endurance Center GT3 MOD / Spielberg Formula Classic @ Road America - Automobilista 60FPS CART Extreme @ Road America - Automobilista Automobilista - Porsche Cayman Automobilista My kart is on fire Automobilista - V0.9.92b - Metalmoro MR18 - @ Buenos Aires 15 - Automobilista -V 0.9.92b- Mendig Flugplatz Bergschleife - Mitsubishi Lancer R race - 1 2 3 4 5
Taking hot lapping to a whole new level.
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  2. budlix
    wow, sometimes it's really hot in helmet. never seen that!
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