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Automobilista // MOD CART Extreme Reynard 98i // Spa

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Automobilista - Super V8 - Eastern Creek Automobilista // F1 1967 Comparaison // Curitiba Automobilista // Porsche 911 3.0 // Cordoba Multiclass race @ Monza AUTOMOBILISTA Quick Review Automobilista // F1 1967 // BBrabham BT24 // Spielberg Automobilista // MOD CART Extreme Reynard 98i // Spa AMS • Copa Marcas @ Barcelona National | E3L Automobilista // MOD [GSCE] Ferrari F430 Vs. Porsche 997 // Goiana @Mid Ohio 3.0 - Still one of the best add tracks. Automobilista // MODS [GSCE] F1 1992 1994 Rallycross powah! Suzuka dawn Automobilista - Lucky Save, Ninja reactions
Quelques tours avec la magnifique Reynard 98i du championnat 98 américain, sur le circuit belge !! Voiture très fun à piloter !
  1. gamer19
    Hi. Nice video. :)
    Say, did you modify anything or you just copy/paste from GSCE to Automobilista?
  2. Suchipao
    Just copy/past but the ffb is not working good at all tracks ( sorry for my english )
  3. gamer19
    Ok, great!
    Thanks for your answer.
    I bet ffb doesn't work on those few non-Reiza tracks hmm...
  4. Suchipao
    Im not sure its strange ! Ffb is working with some gsce mod and doesnt with others

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