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Automobilista | Mini Battle

In This Album

teste blur Super V8 @ Queensland - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista Beta | Boxer Cup @ Virginia International Raceway Formula Classic @ Montreal Historic - Automobilista 60FPS Automobilista | Tykki Dirt 2 - Ford Fiesta WRX Automobilista | Mini Battle Automobilista // #Remake History# // BTCC at Nordscheilfe // +30 cars Automobilista - Campeonato da Marcas 7ª Etapa Automobilista - Opala: Rally-X Edition Automobilista // #Remake History# // Clio Cup // Velo Park Automobilista // #Remake History# // STW 98 at Spa // Onbard + replay
• Steam: race_fanatic_
• Platform: PC
• Equipment: T300, TH8A and g27 pedals
• Recorded with: OBS
• League: Racedepartment
  1. Discovery.Tv
    Is that me? :D
    Edit - Nvm, I have different skin. :)
    race_fanatic_ likes this.
  2. race_fanatic_
    @Discovery.Tv This was coming out from the pitstop, was so stressed to pass him so was never gonna let him have it! :p
    Discovery.Tv likes this.

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