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Automobilista: Metalmoro MR18 @ Road Atlanta 2016

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Gui Cramer
Uzzi made this fantastic track for rFactor 1 and it oozes quality. A very warm thank you for his work. Road Atlanta is a fantastic course and ISI engine-based games have always lacked a sweet version.

This is a very good conversion to AMS, and I finally got around driving a couple of laps online... before I saw the others were AI and quit by lap 4 :p. This is captured from just before that. I don't drive much especially the MR18 (a year or so ago for a couple of days), and drove once at Road Atlanta with CART 98 in SCE, so a 1.21.0 lap right off the bat feels decent.

The original: http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=43380&page=2
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